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    Modern Data Center Solutions: Gain Flexibility, Speed, and Agility


    Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. To support this, IT must transform as well. VMware enables organizations to manage and run consistent infrastructure and operations across data centers and public clouds that deliver applications with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth.


    What is a Modern Data Center?

    Transform to drive business innovation and agility in the digital economy.

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    Solution Overview

    Learn more about this strategic IT priority and its related initiatives.

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    Solution Overview & Initiatives

    VMware’s software-defined architecture of natively integrated compute, network and storage virtualization technologies, together with automation and management, enables businesses to modernize their infrastructure, automate the delivery and management of IT services, and run modern cloud-native and microservices-based applications to drive new levels of business impact.

    This innovative, software-defined approach delivers cloud service provider levels of agility and economics in the data center that extends to an elastic hybrid cloud environment. Key initiatives that forward-thinking organizations are embracing in this area include building a Software-Defined Private Cloud, finding new levels of operational agility via automation and integrating next-gen applications into the widest range of infrastructure and cloud environments.

    Hands-on Labs: Modernizing Your Infrastructure

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    Hands-on Lab: Automate IT

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    Modernize Infrastructure

    Streamline to a software-defined compute, storage, and networking architecture with unified management.

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    Automate IT

    Deploy automation to transform the IT services delivery lifecycle from weeks to minutes.

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    Deploy Modern Apps

    Build next-gen apps with faster development cycles for faster time to market.

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