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    Harness An NSX Native, Distributed Analytics Engine

    Empower network and application security teams to deliver a more granular security and segmentation posture, simplify policy compliance analysis, and streamline security operations with VMware NSX Intelligence, a distributed analytics engine built and managed natively within NSX.

    NSX Intelligence distributed analytics engine solution overview

    Dive into NSX Intelligence

    Check out how NSX Intelligence delivers continuous data center-wide visibility and radically simplifies operationalizing micro-segmentation.

    Micro-segmentation introduction

    Learn About Micro-segmentation

    Get the details on micro-segmentation in our comprehensive, easy-to-read ebook.

    Adopt A New Approach to Visibility and Analytics at Scale

    Data Center–Wide Security Visibility

    Visualize and gain deep insights into all flows across the entire data center with stateful layer 7 inspection and complete workload context, eliminating security blind spots and accelerating security incident remediation.

    Converged Security Operations

    Reduce tool sprawl and improve collaboration between infrastructure and security teams by embedding security operations consoles, firewall policy recommendations, and management within the NSX UI.

    Simplified Deployment Model

    Eliminate the network overhead of duplicate packets and complexity of large, centralized appliances, with single-click deployment of a lightweight virtual appliance, and analytics that’s distributed and built into the hypervisor.

    Simplify Micro-segmentation Policy Planning

    Contextual application dependency mapping

    Contextual application dependency mapping

    Micro-segmentation and firewall policy recommendations

    Micro-segmentation and firewall policy recommendations

    Comprehensive layer 7 packet inspection

    Comprehensive layer 7 packet inspection

    Efficient, distributed in-line processing

    Efficient, distributed in-line processing

    What Are the Key Use Cases for NSX Intelligence?

    Automate Micro-Segmentation at Scale

    Simplify operationalizing micro-segmentation with a seamless user experience that combines automated firewall policy recommendations, iterative policy workflows, and real-time visualization of application dependencies and security policies.

    Demonstrate and Maintain Policy Compliance

    Rely on a complete record of every flow, from every workload, with continuous analysis. Overlay policies against actual flows to highlight misconfigurations, policy exceptions, and non-compliant flows between workloads or security scopes.

    Simplify Security Incident Troubleshooting

    Get detailed drill-down topology visualization within the NSX console with complete inventory and meta-data of every workload, continuous layer 7 analysis of every flow without sampling, eliminating any blind-spots in security visibility.

    Enhance Protection Against Lateral Movement

    Proactively detect anomalous behavior in network traffic patterns with built-in detection for classic attack techniques such as network scans, exfiltration over alternate protocols, mismatched application layer protocols, etc.

    Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

    Deliver Intrinsic Security

    Virtualize your entire security stack and gain protection that's intrinsic to your infrastructure.

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    Increase Protection with IDP/IPS

    Add high-performance, application-aware threat inspection and detection to your VMware Service-defined Firewall.

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    Build on the NSX Foundation

    Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX

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    Implement Application Micro-Segmentation

    Effortlessly create, enforce, and automatically adapt macro and micro-segmentation policies between environments, compliance zones, applications, and workloads.

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