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    L?s om v?ra supporterbjudanden, som inbegriper lokalt baserad och v?rdbaserad support samt utvecklarsupport.

    J?mf?r supporterbjudanden

    J?mf?r ?ppettider, ?tkomstmetoder, servicel?ngd och mycket annat i alla v?ra supporterbjudanden.

    F?rnya eller uppgradera support

    L?s om hur du f?rnyar eller uppgraderar dina VMware-supportavtal samt prenumerationsavtal.


    L?s mer om v?ra supportpolicyer, med allt fr?n Acceleration Kits till amerikansk federal teknisk support.

    Villkor f?r support och prenumeration

    L?s de tekniska detaljerna i v?ra support- och prenumerationsvillkor.

    Guide till produktglobalisering

    L?s v?r guide till produktglobalisering f?r att f? en ?versikt av vilka spr?k v?ra produkter finns p?.

    Products Reaching End of Support

    Review the list of products reaching end of support by the end of this calendar year.

    Technical Support Welcome Guide

    Learn about our support best practices, lifecycle process and more.

    Lifecycle Policies

    Review the support policies for different points in our product lifecycles.

    Lifecycle Product Matrix

    Review the Lifecycle Product Matrix to see general availability, end of availability and end of support dates for all products.

    Support by Product Matrix

    Read details on our support offerings by product.