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    An Internal Firewall that Shrinks your Attack Surface

    Rely on the only purpose-built internal firewall to simultaneously secure east-west network traffic and protect workloads across multi-cloud environments. Virtualize your entire security stack and gain protection that's intrinsic to your infrastructure — so you can mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and lower costs while vastly simplifying the operational model of firewalling every workload.

    See VMware Service-defined Firewall in Action

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    See It in Action

    Check out a demo of our Service-defined Firewall stopping an attack.

    Dig Into the Service-defined Firewall and Its Precursors

    Dig Into the Service-defined Firewall and Its Precursors

    Read the Coalfire benchmark report on how the Service-defined Firewall held up against simulated attacks within the network.

    Step Up to a Layer 7 Internal Firewall

    Mitigate Security Risk

    Leverage the only solution built into the infrastructure that detects and mitigates threats on east-west traffic within the perimeter by orchestrating granular security controls based on both network and application context.

    Ensure Compliance

    Forget inconsistent policies between discrete solutions and unseen gaps in security coverage. Leverage a single management pane to combine visibility, policy control, and logging for all security services, without compromise.

    Simplify Security Operations

    Replace multiple discrete security appliances with native controls to reduce CapEx by up to 60%. Then lower OpEx by providing a true 1-click deployment experience and radically simplified operations for security teams.

    Understand and baseline application behavior

    Understand and baseline application behavior

    Dynamic, object-based policy model

    Dynamic, object-based policy model

    Comprehensive threat detection and intelligence

    Distributed architecture to enforce policy

    Distributed architecture to enforce policy

    What Are the Key Use Cases for the Service-defined Firewall?

    Go Beyond Micro-segmentation to Full Internal Firewalling

    Effortlessly create, enforce, and automatically adapt macro and micro-segmentation policies between environments, compliance zones, applications, or even workloads. Leverage stateful Layer 7 firewall controls including AppID, UserID, WAF, URL whitelisting.

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    Deliver Workload Visibility & Policy Recommendations

    Get 360 degree visibility into every workload, including roles, meta-data, process, and network activity. Visualize application topologies, with service groupings and flows between apps, and automatically recommend segmentation policies for enforcement.

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    Achieve Compliance with Distributed IDS/IPS

    Replace discrete appliances with a fully distributed software IDS/IPS solution to easily achieve compliance, create virtual zones and detect lateral threat movement on east-west (E-W) traffic.

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    Extend Granular Workload Protection

    Continuously check the hypervisor, OS, and software for known vulnerabilities and deliver effective app control and reputation scoring for running processes. Protect critical assets such as domain controllers, shared services, and essential apps running inside of micro-segments by locking down known good behavior.

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    Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

    Deliver Intrinsic Security

    Leverage adaptive, intelligent protection and deep visibility to secure apps and workloads in your data centers, clouds, and endpoints.

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    Build on a Foundation of NSX

    Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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    Advanced Threat Detection with IDS/IPS

    Replace discrete appliances with a distributed software IDS/IPS solution to detect lateral threat movement on E-W traffic & easily achieve compliance.

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    Get App-Centric Workload Protection

    Gain insight and protection for your apps. VMware AppDefense learns an app’s intended behavior, and alerts you to any anomalies.

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